Getting Some Sunshine Vitamin

Some health buffs apparently have a good reason to get some sun – Vitamin D. When you thought some folks would simply get some tan by the seashore for kicks, a few apparently are trying to get some of this so-called “sunshine vitamin” too. And medical professionals like the Rush University Medical Center’s resident oncologist, Howard Kaufman, and Harvard School of Public Health’s chair of the nutrition department, Walter Willett, told the Endless Vacation magazine1 various ways with which this can be earned.

  • Make sure you don’t have a history of skin cancer.

Skin cancer is better known by its other name melanoma. It may have been familiar to you since it’s the skin disease some folks end up getting after getting too much some sun. That and chances are they have a family history of melanoma that you may have overlooked in your medical history. Not that the sun is the primary source of this skin disease. But you can’t count it out either as a factor once melanoma pops out of your skin. So if sun exposure is unavoidable, the next best solution is minimizing time under the sun, according to Willett.

  • Include edible sources of the sunshine vitamin.

Vitamin D is found in eggs, a few selected bowls of cereal and milk. The best sources for high amounts of Vitamin D though come from sardines, herring, and salmon to name a few types of fish rich in oil. Having any of these fishes on a daily basis will help you reach the recommended intake of 600 international units of the sunshine vitamin per day.

  • Get protected.

Yes, get your sunscreen. You’re hitting the beach so the sunscreen better hits your skin as well. But since the jury is still out on whether certain sunscreen brands block the Vitamin D absorption while out in the sun, having long-sleeved tops preferably made of cotton should be worn when hiking. This might also explain the slight trending of spandex tops since beach bums would still want to enjoy taking a dip in the beach without having to worry about sunburn. Even some surfers wear it with their dolphin shorts to protect their skin.

  • Know when too much is too much.

Because this is the sun that you are exposing yourself to. And it has resulted to dry skin and wrinkling. The worst that the sun can do is dry up your skin to crack it. Creepy. But an avoidable problem when you have an umbrella ready to cover you in case you’re not that close to the shade as you walk your way to the hotel reception area.

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