Cleaning Before Traveling

Ever felt that you need to clean the house before going elsewhere for the weekend? It’s a little weird that some of us only remember doing it because we are worried that the house be left in disarray while we are away. On the other hand, the kind of cleanup you need to do depends on how much time is left between staying and leaving.

For the most part, it’s about killing time between your flight and several hours spent at home. This way, idle time becomes productive time for you. How? Read further to learn some ways.

Leave one whole day between work time and flight time for the house alone.

Regardless of the list that you have prepared prior to reading this blog post unless you have not allotted enough time to clean, then you will not find time to complete your to-do list. Sounds a little demanding, maybe. But the best cleaning services in Chula Vista are blunt enough to admit that a thorough cleanup can take all day.

You may not be a professional cleaner yourself. (You can have the house cleaning tasks outsourced. But more on that later.) But there are spots within the house that needed a closer look when it comes to cleaning. This takes us to our next point.

Lift up some couches to see what lies beneath.

If you’re a parent with kids in the house, you tend to see your upholstery stained, dusted and soiled. The bread crumbs leave a trail and the next thing you know, some of the crumbs are big enough to house some molds and other forms of bacteria in enclosed places. Those spots won’t be enclosed for long once you find the time to check under some of the couches.

Thorough cleanup includes checking every nook and cranny within the house. This includes the “usual suspects” – couches and other pieces of furniture that gathered dust, mildew and similar matter that may cause bacterial or viral infections. It’s even scarier when you have kids with asthma or related respiratory diseases.

Dust first, vacuum next.

Dusting them off works minimally. But having the slip-on covers changed for handwashing works at least once a month. Handwashing is recommended depending on the material found on the covers. Once the covers are washed on a monthly basis, maintenance of the furniture demands a visit from your favorite vacuum cleaner.

There are instances when doing the house cleaning ourselves may not be enough. For everything else that you may have overlooked, cleaning services in Chula Vista help in getting the job done for you. If you would prefer having the entire house cleaning task outsourced to the professionals, that option is available to you as well. All you have to do is get in touch with them so see which rates suit your budget best.

Having the cleaning days scheduled around the same time as your trip out-of-town is highly recommended. Some cleanup jobs are so thorough. Leaving them to dry for a day means the house you come back to is spic-and-span. Check out the same schedules found in the aforementioned quotations, easily accessible once you contact us.

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